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Pastors The Place Chruch Hamilton, Montana
A place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand.

Jesse & Michelle Haynie want to invite you and your children to KidsPlace!

KidsPlace is the children’s ministry of The Place Church that serves children aged four years old through twelve.

The KidsPlace team love children and try to create settings that not only enable strong spiritual growth, but strong friendships with other students.

KidsPlace combines the fun energy of large-group experiences along with the intimate impact of small groups.

Your kids will get interactive worship, games, skits, and more that let kids spend their time doing the Bible lesson, not just listening to it.

Here at KidsPlace, we engage in captivating environments filled with Bible lessons that will develop their faith, character, and purpose in life.

KidsPlace is a place where loving God is cool and kids rule!

I’m calling for heaven and earth to give witness against you this very day.
I’m offering you the choice of life or death.
You can choose either blessings or curses.
But I want you to choose life. Then you and your children will live.

Deuteronomy 30:19 (NIV)


It’s Your Response…Ability

Your attitude is your choice.
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Tell Him He’s Dreaming

I can choose to dream big and live a life that honors God.
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Trust Me I Know What I’m Doing

Choosing to Trust God is never a mistake.
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Let’s Hug It Out

Choosing to put other’s first shows God’s love for them.
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Find Your Place At The Place…

The Place
A Church Based on
Psalm 91

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