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Books by Denise Echterling

But God... The Miraculous Life Journey of Denise Hartmann-Echterling

But God
The Miraculous Life Journey of
Denise Hartmann-Echterling

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But God The Miraculous life journey of Denise a book by Hart To Heart Ministries
"But God"
by Denise Hartmann-Echterling
143 Pages

“I’m Sorry to have t tell you this, Dr. Hartmann, but your baby is dead.”

What words to have to tell a father that had waited for ten long years for a child. Dead. “But God” had another plan - for this was the beginning of life, not death - for Denise Hartmann-Echterling.

From page one to the end, we grow to anticipate the unfolding “But God” plan in Denise’s life: every time the phrase, “But God,” Appears we know to expect a surprise twist for Denise and her husband, Mike.

In each life there are “But God: interventions that challenge the comfortable routines. Acceptance, not rejection of these twists and turns brings excitement, renewal, and further anticipation.

Read Denise’s life story. But, don’t stop there; allow God to mold you into His likeness with your own “But God” interventions…
A Kiss Your Frogs Goodbye a Hart To Heart Ministries Book

Kiss Your Frogs Goodbye
By Denise Hartmann-Echterling

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Kiss Your Frogs Goodbye by Denise of Hart To Heart Ministries.
Kiss Your Frogs Goodbye
by Denise Hartmann-Echterling
39 Pages

Frogs Everywhere!

In Exodus 8:1-10, Moses confronted Pharaoh with Pharaoh’s refusal to let the children of Israel leave Egypt and delivered the message that God would smite Egypt borders with frogs. There would be frogs everywhere!

Do you have a “frog” living in your life? Have you given it a name? Do you pull it out to tell everyone about it? Do you pet and stroke your “frog: with great affection… with as much pride and boastfulness that you can muster?

It took a simple car accident for that author, Denise Hartmann-Echterling, to recognize her “frog”. Because she “had never bothered to read the small print just above (her) signature… “on a leased car contract, a “frog” invaded her life and took over!” …when I arose in the morning and when I laid my head on my pillow at night… Each time I would take a bite of my breakfast, lunch or dinner, it would come with a very large slice of a bent fender spread upon it. That bent fender consumed my life and thoughts, and it would not leave or let up.”

Read about a simple incident that illuminates a profound truth. Be delivered from your “frogs” today!
Recipies For Life Feding the Body Soul and Spirit a Hart To Heart Ministries Book

Recipes For Life
Feeding the Body, Soul and Spirit

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Recipes For Life a Hart To Heart Ministies book by Denise Hartmann-Echterling
Recipes For Life
by Denise Hartmann-Echterling
77 Pages

How do you describe a man who has so touched and, forever, changed your very existence? In these thirty-one days of Recipes for Life - Feeding the Body, Soul, and Spirit, Denise Hartmann-Echterling brings some of the favorite recipes of her father together with a daily devotion that will give pause in a hectic day... that will bring calm just as her father's presence did for the many that were privileged to have known him.

There will be times when one fills like praying and many times not. With or without evidence of positive feelings, when the Word of God is prayed over one's life, one is empowered by the Holy Spirit and strengthened just as John prayed in 3 John 2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."

Read, eat, and be nourished both in soul and spirit, as you spend the next thirty-one days in prayer, meditation, and enjoying tried and proven recipes of Dr. Richard A. Hartmann.

Watch for more upcoming recipe-devotional books in this series by Denise Hartmann-Echterling.


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