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Absolutely! Our messages are delivered in such a way as to be applicable & practical to anyone, no matter if you've never even heard of Jesus or if you're a seminary graduate.
Our philosophy is that you don't have to believe to belong. The Place is a non-denominational church and our members have come from numerous different faith backgrounds. No matter what your background or history, you can come & join with us as we worship Jesus together.
Not at all. Come however you'll be most comfortable. Around here, you're more likely to see someone in jeans and boots than a three-piece suit (but we have both), so just be yourself.
Here you’ll encounter a large variety of worship music styles each week that you can relate to and reflects current culture. The worship team lead attenders in upbeat songs of celebration as well as intimate worship expressions to God.
The message of Jesus is sacred. The methods used to deliver & communicate that message are not. We use movie clips, props, and other creative approaches to communicate the Gospel message in a relevant fashion to our culture.
The Place has a wonderful program for kids, birth through 12 years old. While parents are enjoying the service, kids can have fun and learn about God in bite-size pieces appropriate for their age group. Click on the following links for more information about our children's programs: Nursery(ages 6 weeks old - 3 years) KidsPlace (ages 4 - 12 years old)
The Place has a powerful, dynamic and fun Youth Group called Generation 4 - twelve. It is based on

1 Timothy 4:12.

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Please join us for
Generation 4 twelve!

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Generation 4 twelve
This website is filled with resources to help you learn more about The Place. You can access our Statement of Beliefs, meet our Leadership Team, view past messages, check out our upcoming events, and more. You can also e-mail us with questions not answered here.
Giving is an expression of personal devotion & worship to God. We do believe in Biblical tithing, and we do give our regular attendees an opportunity to give each week, but we will never pressure you to give.
That's no problem. You can join us, ask questions, experience God, & make some new friends along the way. Every person who currently follows Christ had to start out with making a decision to believe what He said, so every one of us have been in your shoes. Come and let us walk with you in your journey.
Attending Sunday services is a good start, but we hope you’ll move beyond being just part of the weekend crowd. You can further your faith, meet people, and learn more about life as a Christ-follower by joining a group or class and serving in an area you’re interested and gifted in.

Find Your Place At…

  • The Place Church
  • Kids - Youth
  • Youth Seminars
  • Adults
  • Bible Study
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Find Your Place at The Place Church

We have a number of ways for you to become connected at The Place. Please consider the different ministries and outreaches that you may be a part of.
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Baby Place - Ages 6 weeks - 3 years

Our desire is to provide care for your baby so you can recieve from the Word of God. Please read more about Baby Place.
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KidsPlace - Ages 4 - 12

Our Sunday 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM children Sunday School. The morning and evening lessons are completely different Bible lesson. Your child will love the songs, fun videos, art and crafts, and prizes. Please read more about
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VBS - Ages 4 - 12

Jesus Is Fun! Your children will learn how wonderful Jesus is. Make plans now for VBS. Please read more about
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God First - Ages 8 - 12

God has great promises for those that put Him first in their lives. Get an early start and see the blessing overtake you. Learn More
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Generation-4-12 - Ages 13 - 18

Paintball, Archery Tag, Bowling and more. Also, find your destiny in God.
Learn More
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Purity Is Possible - Ages 12 & up

Purity Is Possible is a video seminar by Pam Stenzel, an internationally know expert on the subject. Michelle and Jesse facilitate the lessons. Each in attendance will receive a note book with all of the information that is covered in the seminar.
Learn More
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Exposed Seminar - Ages 12 & Up

Exposed is a seminar that every young person and parent needs to hear. The dangers of social media are real. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Learn More
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Acts 29

Young adults have a ministry to continue the supernatural work of the early church. You can impact your world for Jesus!
Learn More
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Shine Women's Ministry

Food, Fellowship, Fun and life changing messages from the Word of God.
Learn More.
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Strength Men's Ministry

Making a difference in people lives, showing the love of Jesus.
Learn More
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Bible Study

The Word Of God Works! If You work it. Learn how to live a successful, victorious, overcoming life.
Learn More

The Place
A Church Based on
Psalms 91

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